Hello, world!

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh and a member of the CDT in Data Science, co-founded by the EPSRC and the Financial Times. I am supervised by Walid Magdy, Bonnie Webber and Maria Wolters.

I use insight from computational linguistics, formal linguistics, and social sciences, to understand how the usage of non-literal language varies across sociocultural backgrounds. At the moment I am building contextual computational models that learn to detect, generate and interpret sarcasm. I work with large social media datasets to train and test my models.

I am a (Catholic) Christian. I am co-organising a discussion group on faith and science at the University of Edinburgh. I practice Muay Thai and am very interested in sports nutrition.


  • Computational Linguistics, Formal Linguistics, Computational Social Sciences
  • (Deep) Language Modelling
  • Christian Theology






  • AI engineer at TheySay. Knowledge graphs. evamind. Scala, Java, MongoDB.
  • Senior development engineer at blinkbox. Java, Hadoop, Spring.
  • Software engineer at VisualDNA. Data integration. Scala, Hadoop, Scalding.